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Investment Consultancy for Hospitals, Investment Planning in the Hospital Establishment Phase, Calculation of Hospital Capital and ROI, EBITDA analysis, Proportional calculation of initial investment budget, Calculation of estimated income / expense budget, SWOT analysis of sector competitors, Health Tourism Planning, Selection, Purchasing and Installation Including Incentives and Medical Devices, Human Resources Planning and Structuring, Efficiency-Oriented Manager Positioning, In-house Training Planning, Result and Solution Oriented Audit Planning, Planning of Quality Services Including JCI, Process and Performance Planning of Departments, Management of Doctor's Payments and Staff Budget Expenses, Hospital Purchasing Consultancy, Valuation of Hospital Departments and Branches, Analysis of Medicine Processes, Preparation of all statistics including Number of Patients and Number of Protocols, Analysis of the health needs of the region, Evaluation of financial performance, Evaluation of the medical device infrastructure, Evaluation of the IT infrastructure of the hospital planned to be purchased



Making Country-Based Strategic Planning by Determining Oversea Goals and Targets, International Patient Center and Reporting Process Management, Integration of Overseas Patient and Insurance Concept (Private Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Credit Card Insurance) to the Institution, Training. Managing Patient Application Process, Training for Some Assistance Companies and IAG Members in our Country, Training for the Insurance/Assistant Company's Epicrisis and Proforma Review Phase, Revision of agreements with overseas insurance and assistance companies, Evaluation of incoming medical reports, Proforma Preparation, Developing local organization models with foreign local partners, Supporting the creation of private organizations abroad

Our most important investment is our human resource investment

Teams that know the needs of our solution partners, who are the most experts in the sector in the fields of Hospital Management, International Marketing and Operations, Tourism and Travel, Health Insurance, Domestic and International Assistance


International Insurance and Assistance, Tourism, Hospital Management, International Business Development / Marketing / Operations, Social Media Management, etc. It was established in 2022 to transfer our 30 years of sectoral experience to all our stakeholders.

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